Best Collection of Full Term Belly Pictures – EVER

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I absolutely love pregnant bellies! There is something absolutely astonishing about how perfectly our bodies create space for our babies. These photo’s are gorgeous! We sourced The Snap Mom Community for these pics and a little blurb about how they were feeling at the time! Some of these will make you go awwwwww and some will make you laugh! -Whitney J


Full Term 1Huge and in pain!! ???? My daughter came a little over 24hrs after these pictures, thank goodness! -Nikki Ratledge 

full term 2

40 weeks. Emotional, so ready to meet the babe I had come to love so much and so ready to have a normal body again. -Rosa Smucker 

full term 3

38 weeks + 4 days. So ready to meet our baby girl. I was uncomfortable and grumpy. I sure miss those baby kicks though. -Nicole Burton

full term 4

Overwhelmed with excitement,fear, and love. I was so ready to meet my little man but terrified of all the what ifs and being a new mom. I never knew I could be so in love. -Hayley Helt

full term 5

I went into labor a couple days later. i felt excited but also nervous because i knew our lives would never be the same! we would never just be “lisa & josh” again, we would be “lisa, josh, & taylor”. it was exciting but terrifying at the same time! -Lisa Urbanek

full term 6

38 weeks. Fat, happy and impatient. I wanted to feel the real love for the first time in my life. -Taylor Mae Holland

full term 7

This was on the way to the hospital.. so anxious,nervous,excited and in pain. More scared about how I could love another baby since I already had a 2year old.. I learned quick that your heart becomes so much bigger and your able to love so much more!! -Brittney Laucer

full term 8

Excited, UNCOMFORTABLE, ready! And yes I was in labor in this pic… I smiled quickly between contractions! 40 +1 weeks! -Elizabeth Price

full term 9

T minus five minutes to c-section prep! Excited to meet my little man, but also feeling bittersweet and a little sad knowing these are the final moments of carrying a child inside me ever again. I got my tubes tied after the baby was delivered so I will cherish this photo and also remember what I felt when I smiled for the picture. -Jacqueline Salaz

full term 10

Week 37 I was told I would most likely be induced due to expected pre-eclampsia. I felt fine. SO was elated because he was super excited to meet her. I was freaking. Although all the baby classes tell you having a baby is out of your control I still had the birth pictured in my head. I was not ready it was too soon. Never got pre-eclampsia but those next two weeks following this picture, of course after feeding my little Irish babe corn beef and cabbage, was filled with emotion all the way up until my water breaking. Full term feeling was uncomfy but beautiful and joyful. -Dani Walsh

full term 11

Didn’t realize it but I was already in labor here! 36 weeks and I assumed my contractions were Braxton hicks! I felt so fat and just dumped my sons father cuz he cheated on me with two of my coworkers/close friends…I was so so excited to meet my son! -Jennifer Stewart

Full term12

39 weeks.. Felt great other then pressure in the va-jay jay.. Loved my big belly. -Kristin Flaitz

full term 13

This was taken before we left for the hospital at 40 weeks 6 days. I know I look super pumped in this picture, but truthfully I was scared out of my freaking mind. I was putting on a brave face for my husband, who was also scared out of his freaking mind. ? –Rebekah Cuevas McNees

full term 14

I’m just going to be honest. I was miserable, in pain, wanted it to be over with, and wanted my body back. -Stefanie Masterson

Full term 15

I felt like I had the whole world in my hands! My kids gave me a reason to live, after a rough past, I finally realized they are my purpose in life!!!! ? -Christina Willis

full term 16

40 weeks… Why isn’t she out yet and thank GOODNESS the flowers covered my stretch marks! PS. I felt great though! -Amy Elizabeth Davies

full term 17

38 weeks with my second and I was SO ready to see this sweet girl who has added so much laughter in our lives. -Sayira Brubaker

full term 18

41 +1 the day before I had baby #2! It’s hard to remember what it feels like to be 9 days past due date when you’re not there, because as soon as I was holding my daughter in my arms I forgot all of the discomfort, restlessness, and exhaustion! But from what I remember, I thought “this is it. I will be the first woman in history to be pregnant FOREVER. She’s actually never going to get here.” ?? -Gianna Lynae Sensenig

full term 19

38 weeks literally 1 week before she came. I was soooo tired and ready for the heartburn to end. -Jenn Zellner

full term 20

38 weeks, I had my son a week later! I felt so much pressure to bring this baby earthside! Both physically and emotionally. My body felt like it couldn’t handle much more and my heart was so ready to meet this sweet little soul that kicked my ribs with his tiny feet and whom would complete our family of four. -Jodie Stepan

full term 21

This was the last picture I took pregnant before being in labor. I was 39 weeks exactly! I was feeling very anxious. After being in back labor for two weeks I was ready to meet my princess ? but I do miss my belly very much! I know have a beautiful almost 9 month old baby girl! -Jessica Brinley

full term 22

I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum! I was so grateful to befull term. Here, I was 38 weeks! I went all the way to 41 weeks, & they induced me! The last few weeks were spent puking the least and not in and out of L & D! I enjoyed my last couple weeks being able to eat and enjoy the day! Little did I know my platelet count was down, and I couldn’t even get an epidural! He was more than worth everything I went though! Having a baby is scary, but in a split second. It all changes and you’re a mother. That’s when you know! It really was worth it! He is my light, I would do it all again. He is healthy and growing so big. He is my world. -Autumn Dawn Boggs

full term 23

40 weeks and all I thought about was how nervous and excited I was. How amazing it is to be able to create something so flawless and perfect. And how in love I was with a human I’ve never met and didn’t even know what he looked like. God sure does know what he’s doing up there and he gave me the best accomplishment ever! -Ashli Lindhout

full term 24

By this time I was just ready to meet my second daughter…I was done looking like a blimp as I called it…I was over stretched exhausted and in pain. I was excited about the couple weeks to come. I had both my daughters at 39 weeks via c section. Second time around I had enough and wanted the stretching to stop. I am proud to say I endured but I was miserable. -Jasmine L. Hindman

Full term 25

36 weeks- I feel beautiful, peaceful, and filled with joy and love for my baby girl♡ -Amber K. Eskind

full term 26

In early labor at 40 weeks. This was baby 3 and I was excited and anxious and hot (it was June in south Florida). Lol! -Amanda Kopacz

full term 27

July 8th 2015… I was at SMH …getting all pre-op stuff done for a 6 am schelduled csection July 9th. I was so excited …2nd born in 2 years♡ cameron james♡ -Brianne Eldridge

full term 28

37 weeks and still couldn’t believe I was having another baby. My water broke one week after this and all I could do was tell the water to go back in because I wasn’t ready yet! Ready or not, she was coming!!? -Danielle DeMers Sheffield

full term 29

I felt like an absolute goddess. -Heidi Sickles Whichel

full term 30

40 weeks! I absolutely loved being pregnant and even at 40 weeks I was not ready to not be pregnant! It was the best I have ever felt by far. However, I was absolutely terrified of being induced but because of my blood pressure and loss of amniotic fluid I had no choice. I was in labor for about 15 hours and pushed for thirty minutes. I gave birth to a perfect, healthy baby girl. It was the happiest day of my life but I do miss being pregnant! Haha❤️ -Katie Beard

full term 31

The shirt says enough ? -Nicole Basler

full term 32

39+5 and went into labor the next day -Samantha Revel

full term 33

41 weeks, I felt like my belly was going to rip open and a dancing alien would pop out!! -Sandy Lea Bird

full term 34

I felt like I could take on the world. -Emili Clark

Full term 35

I. Could. Not. Flipping. Wait. I was ECSTATIC about meeting my baby girl. She didn’t come for another week, though ? -Tracy Monroe Patsel

full term 37

Like a beached whale!! -Katie Bradley Reed

full term 38

At 40 weeks I felt huge! Everything was swollen, my hips came out if socket when I walked, and I had never felt more determined. I was going to get through this. I was no longer just an individual, I was a vessel for life. This picture sums it up. I was a Turkey defrosting in the tub. Almost there! -Sarah Hunt-Bollhorst

full term 39

Absolutely terrified! -Stephany Copeland

Full term 40

39 weeks. Beyond exhausted. I refused to admit I was in labor one week later on the dot at 40 weeks, so I spent a day in the tub and tried to tell my boss I could be scheduled one more week. Didn’t end up making it to my shift that night, and I delivered about 18 hours later. -Liz All

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