Florida News: Turtle Crashes Into Woman’s Car on I-4!


Pictures you have to see to believe! Yes, that’s a turtle lodged between the windshield and dashboard of Niclole Bjanee’s Volkswagen. “Someone upstairs keeps me entertained and on my toes,” said Bjanee shaking her head.

That turtle came crashing through her wind shield while she was driving on I-4 in Volusia County Monday. “I was in the middle lane and the car ahead of me to the left hit a turtle crossing the road which propelled it back through my windshield, hit the seat and back on to the dashboard.”

At first, Bjanee said she had no idea what hit her car. “I just saw it coming. There was nothing I could do.” She says she veered a tad to the left, thankfully. The turtle torpedoed through the windshield with such force, it tore the upholstery in the front passenger seat, and sent the rear-view mirror to the back shelf of the car. Glass is still stuck in some of the crevices.

After pulling her car over safely, it took her a few seconds to digest what had just happened. “When I stopped and looked over and there was an animal in my dashboard. The legs were moving and I was kind of freaked out at that point,” said Bjanee. A bloody forehead and lap full of shattered glass didn’t help matters. A man driving behind Bjanee, saw what happened and pulled over to help. He snapped a few pictures like this, so did the first responders, everyone in disbelief of the flying turtle scenario.

Neither Bjanee nor the turtle were seriously injured. And, with some help from FHP and the other first responders, the turtle was on his way. “The EMT got him out of the car and put him in the water and he swam away,” said Bjanee.

It’s a bizarre “only in Florida story” that she will never forget. “I’m grateful just that nobody was in the car with me and that I’m here to tell the story,” said Bjanee.

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