We’re thankful in 2015 for many things. Especially for this SNL comedic gold courtesy of Adele!

The holidays with can be tough with all those opinionated loved ones. If only there was something we could ALL agree on…

Oh… and if you’re not one of the 480+ million viewers of this video, you’re officially welcome for pulling you out from underneath that rock.

Adele’s new album ’25’ is out now and available for purchase: BUY ADELE’S LATEST ALBUM – 25 . It has surpassed *NSYNC’s one week sales record in just 3 days as reported on Billboard.com. And that number will only continue to soar as we sit down with our drunk uncles and need a way to cope!

If Adele saves thanksgiving at your house this year use #adelesavesthanksgiving with your social media update! Like and share!

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