Hilarious Coloring Book For Moms

  • Created by Kathy Shimmield

    Find the book here.

  • Kathy Shimmield
    “Wouldn’t it be great if with every new child you grew another arm?”
  • Kathy Shimmield
    “You no longer have to worry about food stains while feeding your baby!
    Now you can color in your outfit to match!!

    No one will know; it’s our secret!”

  • Kathy Shimmield
    “This is what you’d like your child to eat.
    The other plate is the pasta plate that they actually eat.”
  • Kathy Shimmield
    “You remember your 8th grade Algebra right?
    What about Common Core Math with your younger child?
    Yes, you guessed it … it’s homework time!
  • Kathy Shimmield
    “Here’s a familiar sight.
    Dishes in the kitchen sink.
    Oh look, there are multiple glasses because your kid didn’t wash the glass they had just used … again!”
  • Kathy Shimmield
    “Congratulations! You made it to bedtime.
    Now all you have to do is stay awake through the bedtime story.
    Good luck!”

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