SNL – Will Ferrell as George W Bush – VIDEO

He’s baaaack on SNL!

Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush a.k.a “Dubya” made an appearance on Saturday Night Live for the cold open. SNL has always been on point when it comes to political parodies and this time is no different. Ferrell returns to make the announcement that the 43rd president of the United States is going to come back and run for a third term. Why? All “strategery” aside, George figures you need someone who is like a dull school bus driver “who will only get in 1 to 2 accidents per year”.

Why do we love our parodies so much more than the real thing at times? Jonathan Cohn, on the Huffington Post site offers this explanation:

“Because when SNL is on, it’s very, very on. Its cast and crew have occasionally produced true comic genius, creating skits and characters that left indelible impressions on the national psyche — and may even have nudged the political conversation in one direction or another. Politics have been part of the show from the very beginning, when Chevy Chase, an original cast member, famously lampooned former President Gerald Ford as a bumbling klutz. Ford, good-natured to a fault, later appeared on the show, starting a tradition that has endured. Even Sarah Palin, whose treatment at the hands of SNL was as harsh as anybody’s, came on the show…”

“…To watch the old skits is to relive American history, or at least one take on it.”

Check out his top ten list here.

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