This Video Went Viral and Now Bride is Suing Videographer – WHAT?

This video went viral…but then…

“A couple are suing their wedding videographer after embarrassing footage of the drunk groom trying to remove the bride’s garter went viral…


The clip of the pair from San Francisco, California, shows the ‘obviously inebriated’ husband ‘perform[ing] a series of sexually suggestive and other inappropriate acts’ on his other half during the reception last year, the lawsuit reads.

The video also captured the bride crying in front of the guests and her family’s attempt to console her.

They initially joked about the video, but a few months later they found part of the clip had been uploaded on YouTube, and had been shared around the world.

In the lawsuit, the bride claims it was shared two million times in just a few days.


The bride, identified as Jane Doe in the suit, was also horrified at comments left underneath the video, ‘ridiculing and personally criticizing’ her.

She says the experience has left her ‘shocked, mortified, anguished, humiliated and shamed’.

In addition, she claims she has suffered severe psychological and emotional distress, and a damaged reputation.

As a result she has taken George Street Video, the firm who recorded the footage to federal court in northern California.

‘It got a little messy and he fell down a few times,’ she told NBC Bay Area. ‘My husband joked that we’d renew our vows  in a couple year and he’d make it up to me and, you know.” -By WILLS ROBINSON FOR DAILYMAIL.COM

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