4 of the Worst Gifts You Could Get Your Partner

These are the WORST possible gifts you could give your significant other. But just in case you’re sick in the head, we’ve included the links to purchase them (these are affiliate links). Let us know if we missed any worse than these:


1. Handerpants

worst gift handerpants

These say, “Hey I want to see you in your undies” in the most creepy way possible. Buy Handerpants.

2. Bad Breath Checker


Ok, this is a terrible gift to give someone if you are able to experience emotions such as empathy. However, there is nothing wrong with getting someone ELSE to buy this for the dragon’s breath in your life. Buy Breath Checker.

3. The Boyfriend Pillow


So I uh, got you this… because I don’t want you on me making me all hot and sweaty at night. Please get away from me, thanks! Also, I got you this breath checker… Buy the Boyfriend Pillow

4. Nothing


So you may be scared now to even attempt getting that person a gift, but don’t you dare think of getting them nothing. Nothing is worse that just getting them something. Anything is better than nothing, even though nothing makes sense. Confused yet? Buy the Gift of Nothing.

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